Server Virtualization

Server Virtualization

A drastic rise in virtualized server workloads initiated by databases, network services, collaboration applications, IoT, big data and unified communications means most organizations are now operating with increasingly strained network resources. A smarter, more efficient, and cost effective solution to infrastructure management is now a must to handle the tens if not hundreds of virtualized server workloads most organizations place on their IT infrastructure. One that aligns with the virtualization stack.

The Sangfor Hyperconverged Infrastructure Platform is the ideal solution for managing server virtualization. Using an architecture that integrates compute, networking and storage resources into a single software-defined solution designed to install on your commodity server infrastructure.

By consolidating your virtualized workloads into a single solution, your It organization benefit not only from a net gain in performance but also an improvement in the economics of running your network infrastructure. By eliminating the need for expensive proprietary hypervisor licenses and buying single use hyperconverged appliances.

Sangfor HCI services your critical applications and development environments under a common management framework eliminating the need to sign into multiple management consoles.

For organizations with fast growing virtualized workloads, the Sangfor Hyperconverged Infrastructure Platform enables you to dynamically provision and scale storage across your private cloud infrastructure with unparalleled ease and speed.